Holly Jean's Everyday Sex Games


February is the month for love and romance. What better way to bond with your partner than introducing a little fun into your sex lives. Here's a list with a game for every single day this month. Bring on the heat!

[1] Photographer & Model Your man snaps photos of you while your model. Change outfits, continuously slipping into something more sexy and seductive each time. Try to role-play and keep it 'professional' for as long as you can.

[2] Body Paint Have fun using each others' bodies as canvases. The brush can tickle and tease. It will help you explore and discover erogenous zones.

[3] Play Strip Poker The loser of each hand has to lose one article of clothing.

[4] Flash Light Game Bring two torch lights into a dark bedroom. Being completely silent (no talking!) take turns flashing the light onto the parts of the body you'd like your partner to lick.

[5] Guess The Body Part Blindfold your partner. Get him to stick out his tongue and place a body part onto it. He has to guess what it is. Start of with non-sexual parts like your finger or elbow...and slowly move on to parts like your nipples!

[6] Surprise erotica Secretly take his ipod and download some short erotic stories onto it. At the end of a long work day, when he's on his way home, ring him and tell him to listen to it. Get ready for a hot night once he gets home.

[7] Sex Cards Prepare a stack of cards with Karma Sutra positions printed on each of them. Draw a card from the stack and attempt that position during love making. You don't have to stick to just one card for the whole session!

[8] The Timer  Using an alarm clock or kitchen timer, set the beeper to go of in ten minutes. Then have your partner lie back and enjoy foreplay. When the alarm rings, it's time to swap positions!

[9] Striptease For Him Play some sexy music and do a striptease for him. You can learn the moves/ get ideas from youtube!

[10] Striptease for Her The next night, it's his turn to return the favour of course.

[11] Guessing Game Blindfold your partner. Using a bottle of chocolate sauce (or anything tasty and has a nozzle) write a word down on his belly/chest. If he guesses the word correctly, lick the sauce off him sensually.

[12] Erotic SMS Send nothing but erotic SMSs to each other the whole day. This game will make sure that it ends with a hot night together.

[13] Kissing Game The object of the game is to do as you wish to your partner, trying to get them to kiss you. You can do anything to lure them to your lips, but you can not kiss them. See how long your partner can resist not kissing you.

[14] Memory Lane Think of one romantic incident very early on in your relationship. For instance, the first time you had sex on a secluded beach. Then try to re-enact the same romantic incident in the same place.

[15] Naked Twister Get out the old Twister mat and play it naked.

[16] Truth Or Dare Get out sheets of paper and write down 5 Dares and place them in a bowl. Take turns asking each other questions like, “What's your best sexual fantasy?” And if one of you don't answer, you have to do a Dare.

[17] Doctor! Doctor! This is a role-play game where one partner plays the doctor and the other plays the patient who comes in to be examined.

[18] Don't drop the marbles!  This is a fun game. Have your partner stand naked in front of you. Use 5 marbles and place them on the fingertips of one of your partner's hands. You may use some lubricant to help them stick. Now, with that one hand stretched out, your partner must not let the marbles drop while you are kissing and licking them in all their favourite spots! Once the last marble drops, the game is over and it's your turn to receive.

[19] Erogenous Zones Take different flavours and rub them onto each erogenous zone (e.g maple syrup, chocolate). Your partner has to suck on each zone and guess the flavour.

[20] Word of The Day Each partner thinks of a secret code word. For the whole day, every time one partner says the code word, drop everything and kiss your partner. See if you can eventually figure out what the code word is!

[21] Whip Cream Shooters One partner must be blindfolded and given a can of whip cream. The person who is not blindfolded, shouts out a body part. The Blindfolded one must then shoot whip cream onto the body part. If he is wrong, he has to lick up all the whip cream and try again until he hits the target. Once the target is reached, trade positions.

[22] Erotic Cards Take a deck of cards and assign an erotic action to each number. For example, an ace is for a blow job, etc. Now, spread the card on your bed. You and your lover will take turn to draw the cards and whatever the card says to do; your lover must do it.

[23] The Alphabets Using your tongue, take turns tracing out each letter of the alphabet on each others' bodies. You cannot touch each other with your hands or anything else. And you cannot have sex until you finish the task!

[24] Sexy Simon Says In this game of Simon Says, the commands have to be playfully sexual... like Simon says, take your pants off. Simon says bend over.

[25] Strangers This is another role-play game. Both of you meet at a place you agreed on. But from the moment you are there, you act as complete strangers meeting each other for the first time. Of course the goal is to eventually end up in bed with that stranger.

[26] Sexy Board Game On a piece of paper or cardboard, draw squares like a checkerboard. Number these squares. In every random square put in a sexual task. Roll the dice and use this board during foreplay.

[27] Create A Story Start an erotic story with one sentence. Your partner adds another sentence to it and both of you take turns adding to the story.

[28] Wish List Both of you write down on pieces of paper, 3 sexual things you've always wanted to try. Place them in a bowl and draw one for that night.

Phew! Enjoy the month of February, Girls! Happy Valentine's Day!

Holly Jean Aroozoo is our Contributing Love & Sex Editor. She is a very popular blogger who was one of the top 10 finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Lifestyle Blog category and contestant on S Factor in 2009.

Part of the FHM top 100 Girls Next Door in 2008, she is impulsive, adventurous and enjoys travel, new clothes, unhealthy food and men. She adores all things pink
and is a freelance writer who focuses on lifestyle topics. 

Holly  is the Ambassador for Ettusais, and Sony's make.believe campaign.