Sensual Home Spa For Couples


If you’re sick of trudging though crowded malls every weekend, try setting up your own couple spa at home. Think – warm baths, massages, delicious food — and then think what a great treat it would be for your partner. It’s a romantic, inexpensive and therapeutic way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

What You Will Need In Your Home Spa Set Up:

1. Choose a time when you have a few uninterrupted hours. Turn all your phones off

2. Burning incense or aromatherapy candles will increase the pleasure of the at-home spa experience. Jasmine, lavender, and rose are just a few great aromas for romance.

3. Candles. Strategically placed candles can set the mood for a romantic encounter of any kind. Candlelight adds warmth to a room.

4. Music. Nothing can change the mood of a room faster than music. New Age, classical, or jazz are ideal but not too loud. Make your selection thoughtfully; if he hates classical music then keep that in mind when selecting the perfect background music.

5. Comfort Food – Hot tea, bottle of wine, strawberries, chocolate.

6. Large Fluffy Towels and Robes. You can get cheap but soft and fluffy robes from Cotton On. Lay a fluffy towel on the bed for the massage so you don’t stain the sheets with oil.

7. Get some Bath Salts. If you don’t have a bath tub, then get a fruity exfoliating shower scrub instead and give your partner an all over revitalizing scrub.

8. You can also slap on a pampering face mask or hair mask while soaking in the tub.

9. Get a bottle of massage oil, baby oil or try an essential oil for a massage

10. Learn how to do basic massage (I recommend the Basic Tantric Massage for a sensual couple spa experience).

How to give a Basic Tantric Massage

Have you heard of tantric massages? Tantric massage is basically just a very sensual massage which involves the massage of private organs. Although it doesn’t involve penetrative sex, a tantric massage can cause orgasms!

His penis is referred to as Lingam (which means wand of light) while your bits are called Yoni (sacred temple).

Remove clothing and lay face down on a bed. A tantric massage is very different from a typical back-and-shoulder rub, so try not to focus on loosening up knotted muscles.

Instead, focus on the feeling of your lover’s skin as you glide your hands back and forth along their back. Pour a small amount of oil in your hands and start rubbing from his neck and shoulders, work your way down to your lover’s buttocks and legs as you gently rub your hands in an up-and-down stroking motion. Remember to ask your partner if your touch is too soft or too hard.

Get your partner to turn over and you repeat the same rubbing motions from the chest all the way down to the feet, avoiding the groin. Take your time and don’t rush this. Then you perform either the Yoni Massage or Lingam Massage.

Yoni Massage

Pour a small amount of oil on to the mound of the Yoni, just enough so it drips down the outer lips. Massage each outer lip slowly between thumb and forefinger, sliding up and down the entire length of the lip. Try to look into her eyes during the massage and ensure she can see what you are doing. Do the same for the inner lips of the Yoni. Take your time and watch your lover relax.

The Clitoris is very sensitive so take it easy. Begin by gently stroking it in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction and squeeze it gently between your thumb and index finger. Try not to allow an orgasm just yet, let the sensations build. If it becomes too much, just back off a bit and encourage her to breathe deeply.

Now insert the middle finger of your right and gently feel around inside continuing to massage gently.

With your palm facing upwards and your middle finger buried in the Yoni, bend your finger back towards the palm and you should feel a spongy area just under the pubic bone. This is known as the G-spot. Gently massage here, in circles, back and forth, side to side. You may as well use your thumb to continue circling the clitoris.

With your left hand, continue stroking and massaging other parts of her body (her body parts not yours!). Your lover will more than likely experience a very intense orgasm and afterward will feel completely relaxed.

Lingam Massage

Get your man to lay back on the bed with a pillow under his head to enable him to see what you are doing. Put a pillow under his hips and spread his legs with his knees bent.

Begin as before by gently massaging all over his body, avoiding this area for a while. This allows him to become completely relaxed. Pour a small amount of oil over his shaft and testicles and begin gently massaging his testicles. Next massage the area on the pubic bone above the Lingam. Massage the area between his testicles and his anus (perineum).

Moving on to the Lingam, gently grasp at the base of the penis shaft with your right hand and move all the way up the shaft and then remove your hand, repeat with the left hand. Do this for some time, then change to grasping the Lingam at the top, slide down the shaft and remove your hand, replace with the left and repeat this process.

Next, move on to massage the head of the Lingam. Massage it with your fingers or thumb in a circular motion. If your partner seems to be on the brink of orgasm, back off and encourage deep breathing.

Whilst continuing to massage his Lingam, you can search for his sacred spot. This is located between his testicles and his anus. It is a small indentation about the size of a pea. If he is nearing ejaculation you can apply pressure here and this will increase the intensity of his orgasm.

After the massage, end your couple spa with a cuddle and a nap together. Taking the time and making the effort to spend bonding couple time together will strengthen a relationship. Best of all, it’s very pleasurable and it doesn’t have to cost much at all.