Sex Toys from ‘Oohtique’


They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, types, functions and are considered taboo. Some blush and cringe at the thought of using them, while many are filled with curious excitement. But the toys of a grown up kind seem to be the instant option to spicing up an otherwise, mundane sex life. Below are six carefully selected Sex Toys from ‘Oohtique’, which we think will leave both you and your partner in the afterglow of passion and fireworks.

Kamasutra Treasure Trove: $69.90

This tin of sensual treasures inspired by the Indian Art of Tantric Sex, the Kamasutra, is perfect for couples who want to heighten their pleasures of sensual lovemaking. Inside you will find:

  • Edible Massage Oil
  • Skin Tingling, Taste Tantalizing Oil of Love
  • Sweet, soft and smooth Honey Dust Body Powder which comes with a feather applicator (using the applicator on its own is just as sexy)
  • Tingling Pleasure Balm to preserve his powers into the night (the tingling feeling will leave both of you feeling erotic for a long, long time.

Hot Pants: $22.90

This ‘toy’ brings a whole new twist to kinky underwear. It is underwear that reacts to heat. Your partner is definitely going to know if you are horny, as the message will appear on the front only when you get all riled up, and hot, down south.

Spice Up your Love Life Romantic Weekend Kit: $99.00

Book into a hotel and rediscover that mind blowing sex you used to have with this naughty kit. There is something for both of you in here.

  • Flavoured and studded condom for his pleasure and her taste
  • Edible Massage Oil
  • Lubricant
  • French Tickler (will leave a few things rising)
  • Compact Vibrator (Ladies, erm erm!)
  • 2 Sexy Bedroom Tips

Desirable Dice: $17.90

Nah ah! These aren’t the dice you roll for a board game but for some bedroom games, if the dice shows so. Roll the dice and get creative around the house, ranging from foreplay to some really hot sex!

Hello Dolly Sash: $28.90

This provocative sash with suggestive messages is used as a blindfold for some lust provoking moments. It can also be used to tie the hands for a little dominating action for both him and her. What a tease!

Platinum Rampant Rabbit: $209.00 (Hot Seller)

Ladies, indulge in a little steamy, you and yourself action every now and then. This racy vibrator owns the phrase, ‘do it like rabbit’-once you experience it, there’s no stopping. It has rotation balls for extra sensation and 7 modes of clitoral vibration that will leave you writhing in pleasure. Guys use it on your woman and leave her panting for more and for you. She will know you are a keeper.

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This article was contributed by Menaga Vincent.