Yummy Homemade Sex Toys


You can spice things up in the bedroom without spending a lot of money. Homemade sex toys are cheap and easy to make. If you use your imagination, anything becomes a toy! Here are some ideas…

Vibrators are nifty little devices which pulsate against the clitoris to stimulate the nerves for a pleasurable feeiling. They are much more effective than manual stimulation. The vibrating motion of an electric/battery operated toothbrush on the clitoris is very similar to an actual vibrator. And it’s much easier (and less embarrassing) to get your hands on one.

Tantilise your taste buds. Raid your fridge for liquid food such as whipped cream, honey, chocolate syrup… anything tasty to be layered on body parts and then licked off. The food you select should provide a refreshing feeling and not a sick one. (So, keep the Tobasco and curry away...)

Whether it’s a hand job or intercourse, lubricants prevent irritation from friction. With lube, sex toys will slide in and out easily. And baby oil is a great substitute for expensive lubricants but does the job just as well when at play in the bedroom. You can also use the baby oil for sensual massages.. Glide over now.

Take lovemaking into the bathroom instead! You can create the right mood by lighting candles and/or burning aromatheraphy oils. And once in there, there are plenty of new toys such as the shower head which is great on the clitoris (adjustable pressure as well)! Heat also increases pleasure, so turn up the temperature!

Dildos can be made from just about anything in the shape of a phallic. Vegetables with smooth skin such as eggplants and cucumbers resemble a penis and come in a variety of sizes to suit your preference. Use a lot of lubricant or baby oil before you insert your fruit, I mean dildo. And, be sure to clean these items carefully as they can introduce bacteria into sensitive crevices!

Light tickling is erotic and can be pleasurable and exciting. Tickling often serves as an outlet for sexual energy and should be incorporated into foreplay. Tease your partner to the point of orgasm.

Not just a fashion accessory, a necktie can be used as a blindfold and/or handcuffs to tie your partner to the bed post or to any poles in the house. The thrill of bondage is in the sensation of being restricted or tied. This works great with the feather tickling session!

Make 2 paper cubes. On each side of one cube, write down body parts (e.g mouth, penis, hand, nipples…). On each side of the other cube, write down actions (e.g Kiss, Lick, Bite, Suck…). To play this game, just throw the cubes (like dice) and do what the cubes tell you to!

 Cubes of ice can be used in the mouth while engaging in oral foreplay. Remember to blow/suck air in and out of your mouth as the cool numbing sensation will give oral sex a new twist. You can mix the pleasure by mixing the sensation with hot and cold effect. Try ice cubes for a minute and very warm water the next.

Any sort of clothes pegs or hair clips make good and inexpensive nipple clamps. Be sure to test the pinch on your fingers first. You don't want to have sore nipples post coital!

Be sure to use common sense though. One should never use homemade sex toys for anal play. For safety reasons, you should always clean/disinfect the "toys" before and after use. Always use a condom over anything you put inside of you.. And be careful of loose parts which may get lodged in places or sharp and abrasive surfaces which may injure! Have fun!

Holly Jean Aroozoo is our Contributing Love & Sex Editor. She is a very popular blogger who was one of the top 10 finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Lifestyle Blog category and contestant on S Factor in 2009.

Part of the FHM top 100 Girls Next Door in 2008, she is impulsive, adventurous and enjoys travel, new clothes, unhealthy food and men. She adores all things pink
and is a freelance writer who focuses on lifestyle topics. 

Holly  is the Ambassador for Ettusais, and Sony's make.believe campaign.

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