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Chloe Thio, Editor
Desmond Cheng, Multimedia Specialist and Videographer
Teo Chee Seng, Web Application Developer
Bernice Koo, Digital Marketing Manager
Vivienne Lim, Copywriter


William Tan, Client Service Manager


Chloe Thio


A writer of all things, and a huge consumer of pop culture. I also kickstart my mornings with a cup of tea. With a penchant for all things quirky, I believe there’s beauty waiting to be discovered in every living and breathing day. Slave to my lovely ginger cat, Cattata.


Vivienne Lim


By the side of the everlasting Why there is a Yes–a transitory Yes if you like, but a Yes.


Desmond Cheng

Multimedia Specialist and Videographer

Desmond is the shy guy behind our MyFatPocket camera, and is known as the big and caring brown bear. Under his gentle demeanour, he packs a punch and is into bodybuilding and working out. He loves to travel and see the world, and of course, enjoys capturing the beautiful moments on his camera.


Teo Chee Seng

Web Application Developer

Chee Seng can’t take spicy food at all, not even a little. He is a dog-lover and plans to have a golden retriever or corgi with his girlfriend in the near future. In his free time, he enjoys playing mobile games and often heads to the gym to burn those calories and build some muscles.


Bernice Koo

Digital Marketing Manager

Bernice is an introvert who loves travelling, health and fitness, and picking up new skills (especially languages and cooking). On her off days, you can find her at home watching K-dramas, or at a café chilling with friends. She believes that in everything we do, we should Live It Simple, as that is her very motto in life.


Huda Hanafi

Creative Designer

Say hi to Huda when you see her because she’s definitely not the shy type and enjoys meeting new people. She loves playing tennis and enjoys swimming, but on the other hand, she also enjoys sipping her coffee and watching the world go by. She travels to Krabi at least once a year and plans to retire there ever since she discovered the serenity and good food there back in 2012.

Business Development

William Tan

Client Service Manager

William’s Instagram feed is a telltale sign that he loves photography, cafehopping, and indulging in good food anytime. He enjoys immersing himself in good movies and is definitely a superheroes fan. He is known as the smiley guy in the office and never fails to brighten our day.


We are based in the sunny island of Singapore
We love our flats more so than our heels
We love getting our caffeine fix every morning
Our team has a total of 7 tattoos (and counting)
Our photographer heads out on Fridays for Fashion Spotting
We always wear black on Mondays (unintentionally)