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10 Signs You're Good In Bed


It’s something every woman has wondered at some point in her life: Am I good in bed?

Although a lot of it has to do with physical endowment, compatibility and the environment you’re in, all those things being equal, there are actually 10 personal traits which make one woman much better in bed than the others.

  1. You are vocal. I don’t mean chit chatting while having sex. But a woman who voices out what she likes and dislikes will be better in bed than one who just takes whatever he dishes out and pretends to enjoy it. A big part of enjoying sex is being able to pleasure the other person, so go ahead and tell him what you want.
  2. You are open to change and are willing to try new things. Sex with your partner is all about exploring, bonding and growing together. The prospect of a new sex position, a new toy, etc, fills you with excitement and not dread!
  3. You have good hygiene. I’m sure there are men out there who get the best sex of their lives at some back alleyway from a smelly hooker with bad teeth. But I would like to think you’re not dating one of those men. Good hygiene (a fresh mouth, a cleanly waxed pussy, soft skin) can only help and not hurt your appeal in bed.
  4. You listen to your partner. Listening is an important quality which determines how good you are in bed. Listen not just with your ears, but with your body. Feel his reactions, the tempo in his breathing and the learn to read expression on his face.
  5. You initiate. While you welcome his advances, you also take the lead and initiate sex as well. Being eager more often than refusing is a pretty simple but often overlooked quality of being a great lover.
  6. You’re not calculative. How many times did you have to be on top doing all the work? How many times did you go down on him and not have him reciprocate? It doesn’t matter! Throw the score sheet away. Like I said in point number 1, if you want something, ask for it. You can do it nicely, or enticingly, butter up his ego telling him how he makes your toes curl when he licks you down there.
  7. You’re confident about your body. Sure, you may have stretchmarks, or could stand to lose some weight. But you’re not shy about your appearance because you trust your partner and know that he is attracted to you regardless of whatever flaws you may see in yourself.
  8. You Masturbate. Knowing exactly how to get to the point of orgasm is great. You can guide his hands, or change the angle of your body or even have the right thoughts in your head to bring you to a mind blowing climax, which makes every muscle in your body shudder. And he’ll think he did it.
  9. You know his body. Every time you have sex with him, you learn and remember. You know what you are doing. Which are his pleasure points, what moves will make him come in 3 seconds, and what moves will help him hold off his orgasm just that little bit longer.
  10. You love him. There is much to be said about this thing called love. A couple who has a connection on a deeper level than just sex, are more likely to perform better in the bedroom. Sex is not just mechanical or simple physics, it’s emotional as well.