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Exploding Wardrobe and How I Deal With It…


For the longest time, I am a big fan of Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series of books as I find comfort in her books.

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The much-loved character Becky Bloomwood is a hopeless shopaholic in the novel. She is fashion-obsessed and over the top when it comes to SHOPPING.
Her shallow obliviousness and weakness for fashion trends were funny to me. More importantly, I love the novel because it gave me a reason to believe that I am sane when compared to Becky Bloomwood’s crazy shopping antics.

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However, my room is not taking my shopaholic’s tendency well at all (my room is so cramped with items; I have to hop around the room to get to my bed!), and my family members are always complaining about how many parcels I receive a week. My boyfriend says that whenever I am on my phone, he knows that I am just looking at clothes from different blogshops. *clears throat* In my defense, I believe that as long as I am not spending anyone’s else money to get the material possessions I want, I shouldn’t be condemned. Besides, I still save (some) money on a monthly basis!

To get my life and wardrobe in order, I have updated my carousell account recently. Help me out by hopping over to “@juzjingqi” for some shopping therapy! You can be rest assured that my items are well taken care of and are as good as new too. You will be doing yourself a favour (saving your moolahs!) and doing me a favour (so that I can clear out some space to get more clothes hehe!).

Also, I have started trading some of my clothes in order to get new pieces of item on carousell too. I just made an awesome trade with “@bernicelove” as I spotted that she was looking for a Love Bonito dress I was selling. If you are petite (i.e. size XS), I recommend you check out her carousell account as she sells many beautiful pieces too.

Meanwhile, I am also packing more items to be given to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army lends a hand for those in need. So if you are a hoarder like me, perhaps it is time to clear out some items to help the marginalized community too. To see more ways that you can help, check out here.

Clean space equals clear mind, so start clearing out your clutter too!

With love,