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Getting Jiggy When You Have a Baby


Co-sleeping with your baby has its benefits. Sharing your bed with your baby can be convenient for breastfeeding, makes the baby feel secure and allows you to keep a close eye on the little one. However, many find that after a while, co-sleeping sucks the sex out of a marriage. Here are some helpful sex tips to help parents who sleep with baby in the same room.

1. Seize Moments When The Baby Is Asleep:
Since babies spend most of their time sleeping, use this as an opportunity to have sex with your spouse. You can also give each other a massage or cuddle each other. Don’t let being tired be an excuse, you can always have a quickie and sex helps you sleep better after as well!

2. Make Time For Each Other:
You can do this at least once in a week on a scheduled routine. Ask your mum to watch over the baby for the night. Most grandparents will be thrilled with a sleepover. This will help you take a rest from all the difficulties you have encountered all through the entire week and concentrate on spending some time together with your partner with nothing to be concerned about. Use the time to spend some quality time alone with your spouse to rekindle the romantic moments again.

3. Set Aside A Baby-Free Love Zone:
Create a particular area for your love zone. No changing of diapers allowed. This love nest should be special for the two of you since you can simply relax with your spouse while your baby is resting quietly. This will be the perfect place to spend good time enjoying some loving moments with your partner.

4. Do Something Sexy:
Try doing something sexy and new, every couple of weeks or so. Sneak out while the baby is fast asleep to have sex in another room apart from the bedroom. There is no law that says sex can only be pleasurable at night. You can try a quick one in the afternoon. While baby is sound asleep, you could also have a quick make out session while he’s having a shower before work in the morning.

5. Five Minutes Bonding:
Time is a factor to consider in everything, especially when there is a newborn that is in steady need of your care and attention. You may not realize when you become overwhelmed by all the things you do for the baby, and all of these might make your partner feel ignored. For this reason it is important that you spend at least 5 minutes out of your day to bond with your spouse. Put the phone away, and just cuddle.