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My Ideal Valentine's Celebration


This will be our 3rd Valentine’s Day together! Although I can’t remember in particular the kind of celebrations we have had, I know very clearly that I need no fancy dinner or gifts to make this day special.

Every girl loves flowers and gifts, I love practical stuff and just spending quality time together. My mentality is, if we are going to build a future and life together, it’s totally fine if we forsake extravagant spending on items that may not be as useful but just for the sake of gifting. Hence, we tend to buy each other things that the other party has been wanting to buy.

I am super realistic. For example, I rather receive a pair of dumb bells than some expensive, overrated charms bracelet. LOL. Because my Mom is in the accessories industry, I never like to support other brands also because they are so expensive yet the cost of the thing is damn cheap!

As for buying stuff for her, I rarely know what to get for her because she seems to have many things. To be frank, she is quite fussy too so the things I get for her are usually things that she mentioned before or simply while shopping, she says she likes it and I will just say “ok, this will be your birthday/valentine/anniversary gift!” HAHA. This is too easy.

If there are no gifts or nice dinner, I really don’t mind if we spend the day working out or just taking a long walk together. The “price” of the day doesn’t matter, it’s the VALUE that does. It the “health of the heart” that matters.