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My Ideal Valentine's Celebration


With the proliferation of the media and advertisement, many of us are brainwashed to think that the perfect Valentine’s celebration must be made up of big bouquet of roses, candle-lit dinner in romantic setting and grand surprises. I am no exception too; I mean, who doesn’t like to be made to feel special?

While I think Valentine’s Day is a great Hallmark holiday for ladies because it gives you a legit reason to dress up (timely reason to buy new clothes!), have on-point hair and perfect make-up; I also think it is also an overly pretentious and expensive occasion.

As I grow older, (to my own surprise too) I have started to care less about occasions, gifts, and ostentatious dinners purely because I am sick of having to dress to impress and to sit through pompous overpriced meals. Oh, not mentioning the hassle to buy presents!

Valentine's day to me is not a day for me to show off how much ‘love’ I received, but a day to celebrate love! Here’s sharing three things that will make up my ideal Valentine’s celebration.

Number one. Sleeping in TOGETHER.

(Credit: Cosmopolitan)

Nothing beats waking up to the person you love, with no make-up, no push-up bras, bad morning breath, yet feeling absolutely comfortable with each other. True love is being comfortable in your own skin and when your partner accepts you for who you are. It’s no secret that cuddling makes you feel good because it releases oxytocin and helps you feel connected to your partner. Coincidentally, Valentine day falls on Sunday this year (hooray!), so this means more sleeping time, less stress and a whole day to be extremely slack and lazy TOGETHER.

Number two. Being frivolous together.

“Quality Time” is my primary love language; so just spending time together makes me happy. Work has been awfully stressful, and if given a choice between going out or staying-in on Valentine day, I will definitely pick the latter. Doing brainless activities like watching a new TV series/Disney movies or playing silly board games will most probably make me contented for a long time.

My ideal Valentine day might flabbergast some at this point in time, but there’s nothing that brings me more joy than not having to worry about activities-to-do-to-fill-time, conversations-to-have-break-the-silence and looking-like-a-slob.

Number three. Good food makes me happy.

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I appreciate good food, but I don’t think it is value-for-money eating set dinners at chichi restaurants on Valentine’s Day. Incapable of whipping out a decent meal, my ideal Valentine's day dinner would be a table-filled with all my favorite hawker food (all at the comfort of home!). As I am typing this, I am already craving for hokkien prawn noodles, black carrot cake, chicken wings and stingray. Also, this would mean no dishwashing to worry about too! Yay.

At the end of the day, to be very honest, not fulfilling the above criteria isn’t at all important. I think what’s most important is being with the right person because he/she will make everything right for you :)

As February 14th is fast approaching, I hope you who are reading this will meet the person who makes you feel like you don’t want to be anywhere else except in his/her presence. Celebrate love with the someone who lights the spark inside of you, whom you can do crazy activities you have been planning for and whom you can talk to about your biggest dreams and fears while holding close to he/she.

P.S. No matter what you do, hold them close this Valentine's day.

With love,