10 Common Relationship Problems Couples Face


Love can be hard work and it’s easy to think you might be alone in feeling the way you are about your relationship right now, but trust me – you’re not alone! 

I’ve done the legwork to unearth the ten biggest problems women in relationships face the world over. Hands in the air if you’re with me on no. 5...

Playing games

There are so many rules surrounding dating, and the games you should or shouldn’t play in order to get what you want, but that all stops when you’re in a relationship, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately this can continue long into a relationship except instead of waiting for your other half to call, you’re faced with waiting for him to introduce himself to your mum...

Meeting the family

Once you go official, it’s usually time to introduce each other to your friends and family.

This can be a nerve-racking experience for both of you, but it’s like to be woman who stress about it more, from deciding what to wear to wondering if your Dad will crack a joke about how your childhood nickname was ‘Miss Piggy’.

Your friends don’t like him

The first time you introduced him, your friends didn’t react well, and now you have to juggle seeing them and him.

It’s not easy when friends and partners don’t get on, but it’s a surprisingly common issue that many couples face, and can cause tension and embarrassment.

Keeping the sexual spark alive

In a relationship it’s easy to get into a routine, which can be a positive thing, but it can also slowly turn into a rut, and that can be a concern for both men and women, especially if your libidos don’t match up.

The cure is to mix things up and talk to each other as soon as problems arise – not just to your girlfriends over a few drinks!

Telepathy – or lack of

You love each other, you’ve been together a while and yet he STILL can’t read your mind. Annoying, isn’t it?

From knowing when to ask you what’s wrong, to remembering to unload the dishwasher, this lack of telepathy can be a real bugbear for women.

Staying body confident

We all have hang ups about the way we look, but it’s important to feel good about yourself, and this applies to relationships, too. Your relationship and your partner should make you feel good about yourself and your body.

Whether you want naturally bigger boobs or fancy trying a new position in the bedroom, you need a supportive partner.

Knowing when to have ‘The Talk

It’s ok not to delve that deep into your hopes, dreams and ambitions for life on the second date, but once you’re in a relationship it’s only natural that you’ll want to check that you and your partner are on the same page about ‘the big stuff’ such as finances, marriage and children. 

Knowing when to have the talk is a common problem women in new relationships face. 

Moving in together

It’s a big step and there will be plenty of problems that arise, such as what happens when all your ‘good’ underwear runs out, or where you’ll stash your razor and breast lotion now that you’re sharing a bathroom with one another.

And don’t even get me started on leaving the toilet seat up...

Wandering eyes

A stunning woman walks down the street towards you. You sigh internally and wish you had legs like that, while your partner sighs and wishes he had those legs wrapped around him.

Whilst that may or may not be what he’s thinking, it doesn’t stop most of us worrying about our lovers checking out other women.

Great expectations

While you *might* be able to tweak your other half, you sure as heck can’t change him. Coaxing, persuasion and the offer of sexual favours if he stops leaving his dirty socks everywhere will only go so far. So many women have great expectations for their blossoming relationships but it’s important to be realistic and accept your partner for who they are.

Those are the ten most common relationship dramas us women face, but do you have any more of your own to share? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Susannah Perez is a blogger with what some call an unhealthy interest in fashion, beauty and relationships. She writes for Triactol and her biggest relationship problem is that men aren’t telepathic.


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