8 Ways to turn your Man into a Bad Boy for Role Play


The latest viral heart throb on my Facebook wall is a 30 year old convicted felon, Jeremy Meeks. I don’t get it!

Women are swooning over his hunky mugshot with his dreamy blue eyes and chiseled cheekbones. I’ve always thought that I prefered the look of a man in a sharp suit, preferably with a nice pair of intellectual looking glasses. But when I first saw sexy mugshot guy’s photo, it made me gasp audibly. 

I don’t get it! Why are women so drawn to bad guys?! Back in the neanderthal times, women were attracted to the big, burly, rough looking men because they were strong and made great hunters and providers. Bad guys = survival. However, in our current times, we would be better off with a smart man who is successful in his career. 

So ladies, why not have the best of both? Let’s keep our smart and successful men (even though he may not be able to save your from a pack of wolves in the wild) and just turn him into a bad boy in the bedroom! Win-win!

Here are 8 ways to turn your man into a bad boy for role play:

1. Stubble

Instead of his smooth clean shaven look, get him to skip shaving for a few days. A rough stubble can look sexy on a man and in bed, gives you new sensations down south.

2. Drink

Instead of a girly cocktail or coke, get him to order a manly drink like whisky or a beer. That’s right, the roleplay starts right there when you’re at the bar for Friday night drinks, before you take it into the bedroom.

3. Hoodie

Hooded jumpers have a thug like, street rebel appeal. Get him a hoodie and make him wear it with the hood casting a shadow over his eyes slightly for a level of mystery.

4. Tattoos

Guys with tats are often perceived as being more bad or “edgy”. If he doesn’t have the real thing, then get him a fake tattoo sleeve to wear during roleplay. These are mash stockings in skin colour with tattoo prints on them.

5. Leather

No, not shiny leather pants (no straight man looks attractive in those), but a leather jacket can be sexy. Or better still, buy a pair of leather handcuffs so that he can bind your hands and strap you to the bed. There’s something about the tough and strong feel of leather that makes it sexy.

6. Piercings

If he has the real thing, then he probably already looks the part of a rebel. But if he doesn’t, you can just get magnetic earrings from accessories stores. The places to put them would be on the ear cartilage, nasal septum or eyebrows.

7. Jewellery

Jewellery on a man is best kept minimal but bad boy jewellery include dog tags around his neck or a leather cuff. These are all things you can bite or thug at in the throes of passion.

8. Short hair

No floppy Korean drama locks. A bad boy needs very short hair. The look we want is like Wentworth Miller of Prison Break… or like sexy mugshot guy Jeremy Meek. Their sex appeal would plummet if they had an accountant’s hairstyle.