Do You Attract Men with Issues? Are you an... Asshole Magnet?


If you find that all the men that you've dated in the past all seem to have some kind of issue (commitment, alcohol, etc), you may be an asshole magnet. You need to break free from the patterns of your past and start attracting consistent men who treat you the way you deserve... 

Certain parts of our personalities can actually attract the wrong types of men. Here's what we women need to look at in terms of our character and behaviour which make us susceptible to attracting needy and clingy men or those who are emotionally and psychologically unbalanced.

A good number of us women are attracted to vulnerability. It's nature's way of ensuring that we become caregivers to the young. This common trait in women is very attractive to men because it shows our compassionate and caring side, but it also attracts the most immature men because those who haven't grown up yet are likely to make their way to women like this. So, we need to find that balance. If you are this type of woman who nutures her man like she's his mother... STOP.  Aim for a man that's mature enough to care for himself.


Our self esteem affects the kind of men we can attract. A high self esteem sends a message to men that you don't need them, and therefore, won't put up with his bullshit.  I'm not saying that you should act like a bitch, but you need to assert yourself to show that you're not a pushover either.  insecure women put up with more than they should.


You know how when we were younger, you would see loser men prey on  drunk girls in the club? It's the same with desperation. Desperation stinks and men can sniff it out from a mile away. Just like with the drunk girl in the club, a desperate woman will repulse most men and only attract the losers. Don't wait around for a man and don't jump on the first man to give you any attention.  Establish some quality control!


This is the hardest trait to change but keep in mind that we need to take into consideration the things that people like family and friends point out. Many women will tell herself whatever,  to not face the truth about herself. Always without fail pay attention to when your family and friends point things out to you because 9 times out of 10 a friend or family member is usually right when they see something that you can't see.

It's stressful enough to date people without having to take on their issues. Do yourself a big favour and make an effort to stop attracting men with issues, today.