How to Talk Dirty and be Good at it


Many women freeze up when they're asked to talk dirty because they think that men want to hear disgusting and rude language in bed. That's not what dirty talk is really about!

All men basically want is to know that you are having a good time in bed and are enjoying what he is doing to you.... and you need to show this verbally... because somehow, your neck doing its best impression of a PEZ dispenser is just not clear enough (!?).

Luckily dirty talk is not hard, ease into it and you'll soon find that it is a two way thing, and it can be an enjoyable addition to your intimate life.

Start with sounds, not words - If you're nervous about dirty talk, then don't say anything, just make a sound. If you express pleasure audibly, either with moans, gasps of excitement, or screams of delight, this qualifies as dirty talk to most men, and they will adore you for it.

Talk soft and sensual - When you're ready to put some actual words into your repertoire, you don't have to belt it out like a cheap whore. Talking softly implies a shared secret and adds to intimacy. If you say you want him to rub chocolate all over your body and then lick it off, please don't use the same tone of voice that you would use to ask him to pick his dirty socks off the floor. By being sensual, you can read out a dictionary and still sound sexy.

Say what your mean - Talking dirty is not about using as many obscenities as possible. You don't need to be rude or say things you think he wants to hear. Say things you truly feel. If he's doing something that feels amazing, then tell him so. "Don't stop", "Faster", "Harder", "Give it to me!" . Just say what your mean.

Add pauses - If you run out of things to say, or your mind draws a blank, don't panic. Just add in a breathy pause. Pausing builds anticipation. This gives you time to think of what you would like to say next and does not spoil the moment.

Don't confine it to the bedroom - 
You can have dirty talk when you're out of the house. If you're together at a party, then find and opportune moment to whisper in his ear. If he's at work, send him an SMS or cheeky photo of yourself and tell him what naughty plans you have in store for him later. He won't stop thinking about you all day.

See ladies, dirty talk can be a wonderful thing and you don't have to dread it at all. Hope you'll try it soon! :)

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