Review of Singapore Matchmaking Websites


Here's my feedback on some of the more popular Internet dating platforms available in Singapore.

Today, technological advances have allowed us to turn to the Internet for matchmaking dating. The convenience offered by web-based matchmaking services is one of the main factors attracting men and women from all walks of life. More and more people across the globe are turning to dating sites to find a soul mate. has been around for ages, and is definitely one of the major players in the internet dating market worldwide. It boasts over 8 million members but I would take this number with a pinch of salt, because we don't know how many of this 8 million members are actually active. I for one, became a member years ago, but of course, I no longer date anyone from the site.

Still, with a large worldwide database, someone’s sure to catch your eye. When you narrow it down to Singapore only, and within ur preferred age group (mine was 30-40 years old) you will get at least a couple hundred matches. You can further narrow this down to ethnicity, income, height, weight, marital status, etc. Another feature they have is MatchWords™ which helps you quickly find someone who shares your common interests. Think of them as "keywords" that describe who you are and what you're like.


  • Signing up, creating your profile, and browsing available matches is FREE. However, you cannot contact any member unless they have signed up for a Gold package, or you have paid for a Gold or Standard membership for yourself.
  • 1 month Standard membership is S$44.95 a month
  • 6 months Gold Package S$168.00
  • The Gold package increases your chances of communicating with matches by allowing them to reply back to you for free (regardless of whether they have paid for a membership or not).

Singapore Love Links:

This is another website I have tried before, and found their pool of men available in Singapore very interesting. Like, you can search for men/women within your preferred age group as well as specify other pre-requisites as well. You can also have instant chats with members who are logged in to the website at the same time as you. Singapore Love Links has affiliated dating sites (It belongs to Cupid Media) all over the world but this one focuses on Singapore only.


  • Like, putting up a profile and browsing other people's profiles is FREE. 
  • Standard Membership is FREE.
  • Gold Membership- S$ 29.99 SGD month. A free member cannot communicate with another free member, but Gold membership gives you the privilege to get in touch with free and paid members alike.
  • Platinum - S$ 39.99 SGD month. Pretty much the same as a gold member but a platinum membership allows your profile to appear first in searches, above Gold and Standard members. However, I think this perk is not necessary (save your money and go for the Gold membership). Anyone seriously looking for love will look through profiles of all members with a decent enough photo that pops up in the search. Trust me, I've done that.

Singapore Cupid:

I've never used this before but many of my friends have sworn by it. I find the layout a tad messy, it looks like online classified ads to me. It is also not that user friendly so I find it quite unappealing.

However, it does boast the highest number of expatriate members, so if this is something you a looking for, you may want to check it out. It's more of a community based site with a forum and activities/events.


  • Having a profle and browsing is free, but in order to contact members and list your email in your profile, you will need a Deluxe Account. 
  • It's $16.95 a month for a deluxe account which allows you to contact all members 

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