Sex, from Head to Toe


Many years ago when I had foot reflexology for the first time in my life, the masseuse rubbed on a sore part of my foot, and stated matter-of-factly "Your stomach got problem.Gastric problem." She was right, I had been going through regular bouts of gastric attacks at the time. I was amazed and how precisely she could point that out, solely from my feet!

It's true. Certain parts of the feet or head are linked to a corresponding organ in the body. And more excitingly, there are actually many “sex points” on your partner's feet and head that can be stimulated to turn them on or make them perform better in bed!

Sex Organ - The Brain

The brain is the largest sex organ in the body, in fact 90% of sex takes place in the mind! The brain controls orgasms and determines what's pleasurable and what's not. Is your partner not in the mood for sex because of a headache? Skip the Panadol and rub the fleshy part of the big toe (behind the nail) on both feet. This stimulates sensory receptors, improves circulation to the brain and relieves headaches.

Sex Organ - The Sex Glands

Sex glands in our bodies produce hormones for sexual arousal. Basically, stimulating the sex glands makes a person horny. To get him in the mood, run your fingers through your partner’s hair and massage his scalp. Then run your fingers down the long the ridge of the jawline, begin at the ears, and massage down to the chin. Keep an even pressure throughout.

Sex Organ - The Vagina and Penis

Obviously, we can't miss these out! Before diving in straight to your partner's naughty bits, try stimulating them through his feet. The magic spot is the Ankles. Apply pressure on the hollow areas just under the ankle bones on the inside of both feet. Pressing here is a direct energy channel to the penis or vagina. Start gently with slow thumb circles. Tell you a secret, the more blood flow you send that way.... the bigger and harder the erection *wink*.

Sex Organ - The Nipples

For both men and women, the nipples are erogenous zones which are often neglected during sex. Massage the area on the soles of both feet, located in the middle part of the foot. This area corresponds to the chest and breast. Massaging here can actually send waves of energy to sensitive nipples. Get your partner to perform this on you, your nipples will be tingling and aching to be touched!

Try incorporating some of these head to toe sex techniques into your foreplay. Better still, roleplay a doctor or masseuse role and give your partner head to toe stimulation.