Solutions to 10 Most Disgusting Male Habits


We love men, but they really are some of the most disgusting creatures on earth. At Starbucks with my girlfriends the other day, this topic came up... we had a VERY long list of disgusting things men in Singapore do. So here are Top 10 Disgusting Male Habits of all time (and how you can hopefully end it)!

10. Toe Nail Clippings

It's a great thing if they bother to groom themselves but it's disgusting to find a pile of toenail clippings on the floor.

Solution: Keep picking up his clippings and leave them in a pile on his toothbrush until he figures out that they don't belong on the living room floor!

9. Peeing on the Toilet Seat

I've had boyfriends who had bad aim. I think this is a common problem and no big deal. I may not understand it (I mean it's a huge toilet bowl, not a tea cup that he has to aim in to!) but it is easily fixed.

Solution: Keep wet wipes handy in the bathroom, and tell him to wipe the bowl after peeing. Or tell him how relaxing it is to sit and pee!

8. He Picks His Nose

... and sticks it on the furniture! When my girlfriend first visited her man's home a few years ago, she sat at his desk in his home office, thinking of starting some kinky fun, when her thigh scraped against something rough under the desk.

She looked under the desk and was disgusted to find a clump of accumulated boogers! (I felt like vomitting when I heard this story)

Solution: Keep boxes of tissues handy around the house... on his desk, by the bed, by the sofa.

Make sure he washes his hands before he touches you.

7. Spitting

In public! Or in the kitchen sink!!! Gross!!!

Solution: When he spits in public, walk away from him. Make it obvious that it is gross and you don't want to be seen with a man who spits on the floor. If he does this in the kitchen sink, make a big deal of disinfecting the sink with boiling water and nag at him while you do this. Nag. Nag. Nag.

6.Wearing the Same Old Thing

Men get attached to certain things. It could be his favourite t-shirt which has turned all grey and disgusting, or it could be an ugly pair of clown shoes (aka crocs).

Solution: When he's not looking, bin it. Then you can either blame the maid (or his mother..haha), or just not say anything at all.

5. Vicks Inhaler

Why do so many Singaporean men have a habit of sniffing this? I especially hate it when they just stick it in their nostril and let it hang there.

Solution: If your boyfriend is addicted to his inhaler, smear chili padi over the top of the inhaler. That way, when he sticks it in his nose, he'll be in for a hot surprise.

4. Burping & Farting

While we find it embarrassing, men regard burping and farting as a source of entertainment. The louder and smellier it is, the more funny it is to them.

Solution: If he's not discreet about it, show your best disgusted face and leave the room everytime he does it. If you giggle and laugh every time he lets out a stinker, you're only encouraging him!

3. Dirty Laundry on the Floor

Some men leave their socks and dirty underwear on the bathroom floor even though the laundry basket is just two feet away. (I blame the mothers who pamper their precious sons!)

Solution: Stop picking up after him. Only wash whatever is in the laundry basket. As soon as he runs out of clean underwear he’ll start to put them in the laundry basket when he takes them off.

2. Dingleberries

Dingle what?? This is appalling to me, but apparently there are men out there who don't clean their asses properly after taking a dump... and the cumulative effect is little bits of shit getting stuck onto the hairs and it looks like berries on a vine. Now the fact that there's a name for this, Dingleberries, goes to show that it must be quite a common phenomenon. I am very very disgusted with this thought.

Solution: I'd say leave the man. Yuck! But if you like him enough, I suppose you could shave off all the hair from his anus. (I feel so sorry for you)

1. Drinking Too Much

A drunk man who is not in control, slurring, sleeping along road sides, cussing to strangers, with beer breath is very unattractive. Worst of all, most drunkards do turn violent.

Solution: Tell him you don't want to date an alcoholic. Put your foot down on this matter. Alcoholism has the same effect as drug addiction... But when the drunkenness turns out to be alcoholism, leave him, pronto!

Some men are total slobs, while others are neat freaks. If you're unlucky enough to have a slob for a boyfriend, then the simplest solution is to tell him "Gross is not sexy. And you want sex, right?"  Good luck girls.

Change comes slowly, remember to acknowledge his effort on a daily basis (woof! woof!). In the end, he’s still your man...

Holly Jean Aroozoo is our Contributing Love & Sex Editor. She is a very popular blogger who was one of the top 10 finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Lifestyle Blog category and contestant on S Factor in 2009.

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