Things Girls Don't Know About Sex


Whether you're a virgin or a harlot... or just somewhere in between, here are some things I bet you didn't know about sex.

Men can fake their orgasms too! Yes it's true! I found out recently from a couple of guy friends. They do it because they know that their partners get upset when they don't climax during intercourse. Of course, if a man doesn't ejaculate during sex, it could be a number of reasons including just being too tired that night.

Yet, we women always take such things personally and think that we did not pleasure them enough. The solution? They fake it by pretending they they have climaxed, and then throw the condom away. The woman never thinks to check the condom.

Your left side is your best side! When it comes to pleasure, for most women, the left side of your clitoris is more sensitive to stimulation. You may find that when you're using your fingers, you already tend to focus more on the left side of the clitoris.It just feels better than the right side.

Women can orgasm an unlimited amount of times! For men, after they orgasm, they experience a refractory period during which they lose their erection. Women do not need that recovery time so technically they have an unlimited capacity to orgasm. However, I find that anything more than a few times gets quite boring.

Straight men like their anuses stimulated! Not all of them like it, but a majority of them do. The anal area is packed with nerves which can lead to a more intense orgasm. All you  need to do while performing a blowjob is to gently wiggle your finger around the rim of his anus, and if he enjoys it, try pushing it in a little more each time. Of course, many do not want to admit to enjoying backdoor action.

Sometimes the cock won't fit! We may all be human, but yes, it is possible that you and your partner's parts are not compatible. Some people argue that no penis is too big because our vaginas can accommodate any size and is large enough for a whole human baby to pass through... but realistically... would you enjoy sex if it felt like you were giving birth every time he penetrated you? I doubt so.

And did you know that the vagina of a woman who hasn't had a child is only 7.5cm (3 inches) long when she's not sexually excited. When aroused, the vagina can lengthen by 150 or 200 per cent to accommodate him.

Last nugget of sexual trivia I have for you girls is that it is normal and very common for us to have submissive fantasies. If you dream of your boss taking you from behind at his desk, don't worry, you are normal.

However, when it comes to submission, I personally prefer the innocent school girl fantasy. :)