10 Reasons Why You Should Swallow


When giving a blowjob, is it better to spit or swallow? Why are you even asking that question? Of course it’s better to swallow! Swallowing always wins, hands down. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. It’s bonding

Showing your man that you are not disgusted by his fluids and want to take it in you is a show of  absolute trust and familiarity. You trust that he is disease free, and you are sharing a very intimate experience with him.

2. It’s nutritious

Semen is full of protein, minerals and calcium, some fructose sugars and other nutrients. Healthy semen from a disease-free male is not only safe to eat, but is actually good for you. 

3. It can be tasty

There are many foods which help improve the taste of semen. Men who eat more fruits with natural sugar, like pineapples and mangoes can enhance the sweetness of their ejaculate. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out the toxins that could be contributing to the bitter and extra salty taste.

 4. Helps Depression

New research in the scientific community has determined that consuming sperm can combat depression, due to hormones present in seminal fluids. Bio-psychologist Gordon G. Gallup Jr., believes semen functions to improve a woman’s mood.

 5. Good for Skin

Many spas and salons across the world have integrated semen into their treatments on the basis that it will lead to healthier hair and more youthful skin. These treatments however, are pricey; Hari’s salon in England charges £55 for a 45 minute hair conditioning treatment with bull sperm.

6. It’s easier

Spitting requires a tissue nearby, not to mention sleight of hand if you are, for some reason, trying to hide the fact that you are spitting it out. Just swallow, and it’s gone!

7. It won’t get in your hair

Cum is very sticky. If it gets in your hair, it sticks. If it gets in your eye, it stings. But having it in your mouth and tummy means no pain and no mess!

8. It’s a turn on

Swallowing can be erotic and romantic. Men have very erotic minds and if you go that extra mile by taking it all in, you will make him feel very turned on.

9.The Perfect Job

Not all blow jobs are the same… but no matter how good your skills are, you cannot do a perfect job if you don’t swallow. It’s an awesome feeling when a man climaxes and continues to get the full effect of oral. A woman not swallowing would be the same as a man abruptly stopping licking and sucking your clit right as you began to climax.

10. It’s Rude Not To

Running right to the bathroom afterwards to spit it out can be such an anti-climax and even a little offensive. A friend of mine once griped that her boyfriend went straight to the bathroom to wash his hands after fingering her. So rude!