[K-Love] How do you Hook Korean Men?


Lately, Korean men are in hot demand... thanks to the leading men from Korean dramas, including my personal favorite Lee Min Ho from City Hunter. You see, in these dramas, Korean men are portrayed as strong yet gentle with women, sexual yet sensitive, they are romantic and they protect their women. Now, who wouldn't want a man like that?!

So how do you hook Korean men? Specifically, Korean men who look like Big Bang!

Speak Korean

They say Hangul is a pretty easy language to learn and there are Korean language classes in Singapore that you can sign up for. You don't have to be fluent in it, but it'll really impress a Korean man if a non-Korean can speak his native language. (And look cute doing it!)

Get a Friend to Fix You Up

Koreans find chatting strangers up rather awkward. I suppose the reason is because it is often their friends or parents who match make them into dating couples. Also, it is not common to find single Korean men here. So ask your friends to hook you up with their Korean colleagues or friends!

Go for younger men

For Koreans, there is a huge pressure to be married by their 30s. This is worse with Korean women, but men are definitely affected by this too. So aim for Korean men in their 20s and very early 30s. Remember, there is a strong pressure for Koreans to get married early so if he's in his 40s and still single, there's a chance that something is wrong with that person.

Be Natural

You would think that with Korea being the plastic surgery capital of Asia ... that a little nip and tuck or even full-on rhinoplasty is expected of women to be attractive. But it doesn't mean that all Korean men feel that way. In fact many Korean men don't like the surgery and skinniness of their Korean women.

Take it slow

In Korea, if a woman shows up on a first date without her friend, she is considered to be a bit sleazy. You don't have to be that extreme and conservative, but if you turn up on that date looking like sex on legs and throw yourself all over him... you've lost him.

행운과 재미를!