How to Survive Valentine's Day after a Break up


Maybe it's just coincidence or maybe it's the pressure of Valentine's Day, but the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day is a very common period for break ups. As sod's law would have it, the most common season for breaking up happens to also be the most difficult time to get over a failed relationship!

If you're one of those in this predicament this Valentine's season, take comfort in the knowledge that you're likely not the only one and that time will heal all wounds, be it Valentine's Day or not.

Here's what you can do to survive Valentine's Day after a break up.

[1] In order to accept that your relationship has ended, you need to understand that it was a long time coming. Relationships that end on February 14th did not suddenly unravel on February 13th. Valentine's Day itself has no significance on how good or bad your relationship was and it was going to end sooner or later anyway. And no, the number 13 isn’t an unlucky number either.

[2] Even after you've accepted the fact that it's all over, moving on can be difficult. When Valentine's Day looms, you will find yourself missing your ex. The constant reminder of romance in the form of decorations in shopping malls, lovey dovey couples on the streets and shops selling beautiful bouquets will be everywhere.

[3] My advice is, no matter how much you miss him, do not contact your ex under any circumstances. If you can’t bring yourself to outright de-friend him on Facebook, then at the very least hide his Facebook updates. Whatever he is doing on Valentine's Day, you don’t want to know.

[4] For good measure, I would also avoid going out with sickening couple friends who are obsessed with each other. These people are difficult to stomach even when you are in a good relationship! If you feel up to it, you may like to spend Valentine's Day with a group of single friends. However, if it was me, I would rather rent a movie, and stay home that evening munching on my comfort food. If you cry, then cry your heart out. You're only human. This is part of the grieving process.

[5] Do not go on a random date with “whoever” just because you're lonely – it will make you feel much worse. I made that mistake once. I accepted the date because I had recently broken up and I didn't want to be alone on Valentine's Day. I spent the evening awkwardly dodging romantic gestures by a guy I was absolutely not attracted to. At the end of the evening, he even tried to kiss me! I felt like such a failure.

[6] Take your mind off the occasion by indulging in something you enjoy. You could buy yourself a new book or gadget or join an interesting fitness class. Just because you're single, there's no reason to be miserable.

[7] Don't punish yourself! The bottom line is, don't make Valentine's any bigger than it needs to be. Do something that makes you happy.