Is he Making Use of You?


I’m all for sticking by your man when they are down or going through a rough patch but a lot of men will take advantage of a woman who allows herself to be used. Here are the top 10 signs that he is using you for your money, for sex or even for his own ego.

Ladies, you deserve better than just someone using you! Be rational even though you’re totally in love with your man (or think that you are).

Use these signs to find out if you’re actually being used instead of being loved:

1. No Availability.

Do you constantly find that he isn’t available unless he needs something from you? Or perhaps he makes plans with you only at the last minute, as if nothing better came his way that weekend.

 2. Not Interested in your Life.

He isn't interested in really getting to know you, your interests, your dreams, your family.... in fact, he doesn't really ask you many questions about yourself at all. When you do try and turn the conversation on yourself, it always ends up quickly turning straight back to him and what he wants to talk about.

3. Does not Pay for Dates.

Do you constantly find yourself paying for every single thing when you two go out? While it’s okay to split the bill, you shouldn't constantly be pulling your wallet out to pay all of the time. A man who is using you is always mysteriously broke. All the time.

4. No Money.

Ok, so he's always broke when out for dates, but what about his own expenses? Does he mooch off you to pay for his phone bill, cigarettes or other personal expenses? This is a sign he is using you and you shouldn't stand for it!

5. Makes you Run his Errands.

You are on your way to meet him after a long day at work Your sweet-talking boyfriend calls and asks, "Babe, would you mind swinging by the supermarket and picking me up a few things?" He then proceeds to list a half a dozen or so items!

6. Emotional Blackmail.

Is your boyfriend constantly blaming you for things that go wrong in his life? If he loses his job, is it your fault? He is using you to make him feel better about himself.

7. Booty Call.

There's not much dating involved in your relationship. Usually, the time you spend together is just hanging out at each others' houses. Behind closed doors. And, you head straight for the bedroom the moment you (or he) walks in the door. Actually, when you think about it, there's not that many enjoyable moments with him at all - that don't involve sex!

8. Arm Candy.

Some men don’t really care who they’re dating as long as his friends think she’s attractive. Your personality does not matter as long as you cling on to him when he’s out with his friends. Are you dating a man who tries to hold you really close or indulges in public displays of affection only when he’s in front of his friends?

9. To Get Back at his Ex.

This is more common than you think. Many guys date a new girl immediately after a break up only to get back at their ex. How can you tell? Here are two clues. He would try to take you to places where his ex hangs out almost all the time. Or by some miraculous coincidence, both of you would constantly bump into his ex. Or he is too eager to display evidence of this new relationship of his on Facebook or other social media channels, even though his last relationship only ended a few weeks ago.

10. Your Connections.

Are you working somewhere influential or have a lot of powerful friends? You’d definitely be on the date list of many guys who could benefit from the people you know. Does your man only prefer to go out with you when your friends are around? Or does he love going to social gatherings with you but isn't as keen on dates with just the two of you?

I know several women that just don’t get that they are being used by someone. If you lay down and let someone walk all over you, they will! Don't let your man wipe his shitty feet all over you!