Superhero Sex, Ignite his Kryptonite


 Superhero Sex- Ignite his Kryptonite

Ever since we were kids, Superheroes appealed to us. Many comic based superheroes have garnered millions of dollars in sales and blockbuster hits. 

More recently, the big screen has exploded with an array of hot superheroes.

So what better way to enjoy this than to take that superhero appeal and use it in the bedroom!

Whether it’s fun and sexy or scary and weird, Superhero sex can give lovers a much needed boost in libido. Keep it spontaneous and let your fantasies run wild!

The Wolverine
With Wolverine, you have to bring on the pain. During foreplay, lay him down and use one fingernail to gently trace the outline of his face; from the temple, over his cheekbone, down his cheek and across his lips. Glide your fingernail down his neck and when you get to his chest, use all your fingers spread like claws to lightly scratch him as you guide your hands all over his body. The sensations created from scratching can be a massive turn on. See if you can make him as hard as Wolverine’s Adamantium bones. When he’s ready, sit him up in bed and start riding him, face to face. Intensify the scratching during sex by digging your fingernails into his back when you’re approaching climax. When you finally do get an orgasm, instead of screaming, sink your teeth into the side of his neck and let out a moan.
The Ghost Rider
For the Ghostrider you need to turn up the heat. Switch off the aircon and prepare to get sweaty. Engage him with warm-breath kisses on his face, neck, shoulder blades. When the both of you are sweaty from the heat, lay him down on his back and sit on his chest. Slide up and down from the upper-chest to his groin. Sit on his face, on his lips, his nose but tell him to keep his tongue to himself. When he’s really yearning for it, ride down towards his member and grind him. Imagine being on a racetrack, on a racing bike with turns and sharp bends to manoeuvre. As you lean into each turn, keep on grinding against his throbbing penis.
The Rogue
Rogue has the appeal of a woman whose touch will screw you up. Begin foreplay with a sense of vulnerability and let him dominate you. Take your time to enjoy the sensations and when you’re ready, kiss him straight on his mouth, sharply inhaling as much breath of his as you can. It’s called a vacuum kiss and it is said that 80% of people have never been vacuum kissed before. This sudden feeling of getting the air sucked out of him will take him by surprise. Seize that moment; flip over and push him down so that now, you're in the dominant position. Do as you please but each time he tries to regain dominance, kiss him and inhale.
The Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer is all about the glide. Apply baby lotion on your lover's back and then use every inch of your body to slither, slide, skin on skin with his. It’ll be the most sensual massage he’s ever had! Flip him on his back and repeat, take your time. When he is hard, which wouldn’t take long, sit up and ride him. Don’t put your hands on him or on the bed for support, instead just ride the waves as it hits you again and again.
The Spirderman
Web slinging Spiderman makes for fun superhero sex. During foreplay, tie your lover up with some white rope. Spread his arms and legs out by tying each limb to one end of the bed. If you don’t have a bed post, you can fasten these ropes around the legs of the bed. Kiss and tease him all over slowly, maintaining playful eye contact. When you’re ready for intercourse, slowly release each limb of his, one at a time but keep kissing him all over. Free his left arm first, so he can use that to caress you while the rest of him remains agonisingly immobile. Next release one of his legs… and so on. Once he is finally free from the web, he will be raring to penetrate you. Have him grab you around the hips and hoist you up against the wall. With your legs wrapped around him and back pinned to the wall, his every thrust will feel deeper and harder than ever before.
The Batman
The appeal of Batman is in his high tech gadgets and cool toys. Imagine what Bruce Wayne would have in his bedroom! Many modern sex toys are worthy of Gotham’s caped crusader himself. The gPod is a vibrator that plugs in to your iPod or iPhone and the vibrations are synced to your music. Put your headphones on, close your eyes and lie back and relinquish all power while your lover uses the gPod on you. He will enjoy the control he has over you. As you listen to your music, and feel the vibrations he is creating down there, you will be squealing in anticipation whenever a fast part of a song is coming up.