The Fake Reach


To me, there is nothing less appealing than a guy who expects me to pay for a date.  I know, I know, feminists all over the world probably want to stone me, but it's my honest opinion. It isn't 1925 and girls do not need guys to pay for dates -- but most of them sure as hell want them to.

Most girls have this trick where they do the fake reach. This means that when the bill comes, they reach into their bag pretending to pull out their wallet. At this point, the guy would usually stop her and say something like, "it's ok, I've got this." I think most women do the fake reach even though they have absolutely no intention of paying because it makes them look generous.

Girls, stop doing the Fake Reach! 

Not only is the Fake Reach very insincere, but some guys will actually let the girl pay for the date! Many guys take things literally.

They think that you really want to pay for the date. These guys, however, haven't got a clue about women.  Yes, you willl smile and look like you're soooo excited to foot the bill. But what you're really thinking is - I cannot believe you just let me take money out of this purse.... when you asked me out for a date. Fat chance of getting a second date with me, asshole.

Now you've just ruined any chance of attraction or future with this guy.

I think that you should only reach for your purse when you're genuine about wanting to pay. I know that whenever I reach for my purse, I intend on paying. If I don't plan on going out with the guy ever again, I will pay. 

If this happens on a first date, it is actually a signal to the guy that I am paying for the date because I don't want to have any obligations.

If I like my date, and want it to go further, I will not reach for the bill when it comes (I will definitely NOT do the Fake Reach!). Instead, I would allow him to pay, then smile and sincerely thank him for paying for the date.

You can always contribute later on by doing things like booking the movie tickets for your next date, cooking him dinner or paying for ice cream after the dinner date, but don't resort to the fake reach.

Let the guy pay for the date and thank him for it.

What do you think of the Fake Reach? Do you do it?