[Words from a Man] When does a Man LOVE a Woman?


“If it happens to you, would you actually know it?” We were just shooting the breeze after kicking back a few pints at our local when a buddy asked. Recalling that moment, I’m not too sure whether it was a question or a passing statement for he did seem kind of nonchalant.

Nonetheless it did stumped.

So how would you know when LOVE happens?  How would you know She is the one?

"Love, that can quickly seize the gentle heart,
took hold of him because of the fair body
taken from me – how that was done still wounds me.
Love, that releases no beloved from loving,
took hold of me so strongly through his beauty
that, as you see, it has not left me yet.
Love led the two of us unto one death…"

-     Dante’s Inferno

Truth is, Love happens in our passive moments.

It acts on us after the racing heartbeats have slowed down to a breathable speed limit and it dawns on us during solitude.

And most likely non-otherwise, it happens when you are already in a relationship with that person.

Love happens when you know she is THE one.

A beautiful face with a hot body undeniably turn heads and quite the few times have been the cause of traffic accidents, lost teeth – depending on your significant other half’s martial arts indulgence, mine’s Muay Thai.

Yes, there are advantages when you look like a Bella Godiva; non-auto doors open for you as if by magic, pathways open up like the parting of the Red Sea and for some, the rewards comes in frequent flyer miles. Yes, it’s a lot of hard work involved trying to keep up appearances and it doesn’t help that we live in a pretty much narcissistic world but sometimes, it’s still ain’t enough, it seems.

Men are fickle-minded creatures or can be or may be, quite possibly, you see? An object of beauty becomes a subject of interest quicker than glue setting on false lashes but like false lashes, they have to come off and that’s when these fickle men become nothing but mere boys that they really are.

Real men, they go for the you that just got out bed, or at least I do. The grouchy you with tousled hair, frumpy frown so adorable that they just want to tuck you back into bed and let you sleep through the day.

When you wake up hopefully sometime during a mealtime, they look forward to having even the most mundane conversations with you.

A real man looks forward to seeing your lips curled sideways when perturbed and when you laugh your heart – and lunch remnants, if applicable – out seemingly lost in random funny thoughts.

He appreciates the quiet moments with you when there’s nothing to talk about, he steals glances sitting across from you at the dining table which doubles up as a work-desk each time you bring work home.

A real man finds you beautiful even when you’re having a bad hair day or when you don’t feel you are because your tummy’s bloated from a gastronomic over-indulgence.

He burps with you and then laughs about it.

He feels thankful and goddamn lucky watching you putting on make-up and other aesthetic enhancers before heading to work because it never ceases to amaze him how it’s possible for you to look even more beautiful than you already are.

Thankful because you are an essential part of his life.

Lucky because you let him be part of yours.

Yes, what’s on the outside can open doors but it’s who you really are, with a little lady luck and confidence, will open the eyes the windows to the soul of the one you seek.

One who will deservedly love you and whom you will fall in love with deservingly.

A real man.

From a man to all of you beautiful ladies out there… Just be yourself.

If you are not, then how can ever he fall in love with you?

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