Witchcraft Ways to Make a Man Fall In Love with You


There is no Love Potion No. 9, I already checked the shelves of Sephora.

However, when it comes to love spells there are plenty of them out there from every culture. What harm is trying out a few of these superstitious ways to get the man you want?

Nasi Kang Kang

This is a South East Asian superstition practiced in Indonesia, Malaysia (and even Singapore). The woman first cooks a bowl of rice. She then squats over itt without her underwear on and lets her womanly essence mix with the steam of the rice. She then feeds it to the man she wants. If he eats her Nasi Kang Kang, he can never leave her.

Sweetening Spell

You need brown paper and a jar of honey. You write your name and the man's name on a brown paper and surround it with a statement of intention (like "I want to feel attractive and confident around X”). Take a spoonful of honey and eat it, then stick the paper into the jar of honey until it is submerged. You should say, "Love me, love me, love me," repeatedly. Then take sugar cubes, soak them in alcohol and set the cubes up so they surround the honey jar. Light the cubes on fire, but make sure you are not using a flammable surface, obviously. Tie the red ribbon around the jar.

Marry a Rich Man

This is an old Chinese Taoist secret. If you want to catch a rich husband you should get some of the soil (can be your flowerpot) and some water from your house, and take it to his house and scatter soil and water in front of his house. Next, take some water and dig some soil from his house and bring it back to your house dispersing in front of your house. When you do this, you are establishing a very good foundation for your two families to become one family.

Binding Spell

A simple binding spell I learnt when I was a teenager was to tie 2 strands of his hair (still on his head) together. I did this to one of my past boyfriends because the relationship was on the rocks. I had such a hard time trying to tie 2 strands of his hair together as he napped! But I did it. We broke up just a few days after… BUT he came running back the next day. But being the fickle teen I was, I didn’t want him anymore, but he still stuck around like a desperate puppy dog for months before the spell broke.

Love Powder

Love powder is a half teaspoonful of sugar, teaspoonful of peppermint and a teaspoonful of grated candied orange peel. Put a teaspoon of this powder into his glass of wine (it can pass off as a cocktail!) and this man will love you forever.

Using your Pee

If a woman takes her first urine on Monday morning, puts it in a jar and places it under the bed for nine days, it will hold her husband and prevent him from straying.

The Chicken Bone

When you eat the wing of a chicken, take the little bone that is near the end and drop it into the pocket of the man you are dating (without him knowing of course, otherwise he will think you’re cray). They say that by doing this, you will make him want to marry you.

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

In Japan, girls give “honmei choco” (“true feelings chocolate”) to the boys they really like.

Often, these chocolates will be painstakingly hand-made by the girl, before she passes them to her love. A new spell craze has the girls putting their menstrual blood, spit, or hair into the chocolates to ensure that their love is reciprocated.

Dream of Future Husband

At the stroke of midnight, stand in front of a mirror and brush your hair three times. Then go to bed, it is said that you will see your future husband.

The Ring and Photograph

Take a photograph of the one you love and hold before it a ring on the end of a thread. Be careful to keep your hand still. If the ring moves in a circle, you will eventually end up marrying the person in the picture; if the ring moves to and fro, it is unlikely you will marry him. Should the ring not move at all, you are likely to remain single.